How should you motivate yourself?

This is just a quiz to see what the best way to motivate yourself to do a specific thing is. Choose something you need to do right now and answer the questions...

I have to write this second paragraph as well but you can just skip it if you want because I'm honestly just trying to fill up space here so um yeah please continue

Created by: Crystal Chandelier

  1. What are you trying to motivate yourself to do?
  2. Which of these appeals most to you?
  3. Why are you trying to do this?
  4. Is anybody helping you with this
  5. Are you procrastinating?
  6. Is this something that requires a lot of time and effort?
  7. Is there a deadline for this?
  8. Why DON'T you want to do this?
  9. How stressed are you right now?
  10. What is the environment you're working in like?

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Quiz topic: How should I motivate myself?