There are so many people that think they KNOW you. But how well do you know KAT KIM? Are you a true friend? Do you listen when I talk? You better! I am only blabbing right now because this quiz site requires me to write this long paragraph to propose the premise of this quiz.

Further, I have to write THIS second paragraph. Otherwise this quiz won't work. Please enjoy my quiz and have fun procrastinating or whatever the heck you do in front of your computer screen!

Created by: Kat Kim

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  1. What is the "S" in Katherine S. Kim?
  2. What color is my ipod and what is engraved on the back?
  3. If I did not want to be a lawyer, what other profession would I want to be?
  4. What do I want for Christmas?
  5. How many pounds have I lost with Nutrisystem thus far?
  6. What is the one food that I crave the most while on this f*cking diet.
  7. Who do I think is the hottest guy out there right now
  8. What is one thing that a guy MUST know how to do, or else I'll get turned off...but I'll probably marry somebody that can't do it anyways...
  9. Who do I sleep with every night?
  10. What is my favorite high-end brand?
  11. Which type of b----es do I hate the most?
  12. How come I am not attracted to Korean/Asian men?
  13. Where do I want to go to school?

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Quiz topic: HOW WELL do I KNOW KAT?