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  • lol wtf is this quiz it's s---

    SirGermaphobe Mar 17 '16, 12:41AM
  • Oh, shut up with the Spam! I must of read it a hundred times by now. We all know people who do spam are idiots, and this just proves it.

    Kevin150 Feb 11 '16, 8:25AM
  • Really that was stupid

    Jazzy321 Jan 21 '16, 9:37PM
  • WTF Is this!! i got baby girl and im 13yrs old boy! F**k this quizand its results!

    Dragomir Dec 31 '15, 9:24AM
  • wtf this f**king quiz....

    clpy0121 Dec 29 '15, 12:36AM
  • I'm 11 and the only results are toddler and baby!Some of the answers to questions were adultish answers!

    jbianc3044 Dec 26 '15, 12:20PM
  • I wanted to answer some of these questions but i couldnt becuase it cussed bad job booooooooo

    pandicorn2022 Dec 14 '15, 12:15PM
  • Some of these i couldn't answer, as it said on 1 of them: 3, 1 or adult. i'm NONE OF THEM. And i'm 13 but i LOVE soft toys. s---ty quiz.

    LokiCat Dec 14 '15, 12:02PM
  • What if you aren't a toddler or an adult?

    Random101 Dec 12 '15, 8:11PM

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