What Manga's Vamp Weaknesses Do You Have?

I have three mangas so far that have vampires in them (that I remember). Each has one or two specific weaknesses that are problematic setbacks, but can usually be overcome.

Are you hated by the sun and cannot go outside in daylight? Do you have to have blood every day or every other day? Or are you somewhere in-between the two?

Created by: Asakuun Draconis of Profile:Asakuun
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  1. Are you Christian?
  2. Answer the following three questions (including this one) as a vampire would in your mind. Do you have to have blood at least once a day?
  3. Is there a blood replacement available?
  4. Can you go out in sunlight? (safely)
  5. How many people can you drink from (if you wanted to)
  6. Which of these mangas sounds coolest?
  7. What kind of place do you live?
  8. Best name of these three?
  9. Which of these things is most important in daily life?
  10. Annoying people are people who:
  11. Have you read Bloody Kiss?

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Quiz topic: What Manga's Vamp Weaknesses do I Have?