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  • It was a tie between everything... WOW

    PUTZthecat100 Jul 27 '14, 12:29AM
  • how accurate. Im a good listener.

    TearOfSun Dec 12 '13, 1:46AM
  • I'm a good listener which is a fact :)

    Azka May 9 '12, 8:39AM
  • I am ALWAYS there 4 my buddies, which is a fact. Loyalty is the important symbol in friendship, NEVER betrayal :D

    smartgirl115 Dec 30 '10, 8:16PM
  • It's true, I AM always there for my friend(s)

    Actress97 Feb 11 '10, 12:35PM
  • I know how to make my friends laugh.:)

    IxXWolfieXxI Oct 30 '09, 11:48PM
  • This quiz is accurate. I got tons of fun and not afraid of anything.

    Miss Awesome Feb 22 '09, 5:46PM
  • i got listnerr but i am a terrible listner. im more of a tlker xD

    Too me Feb 20 '09, 9:08AM
  • Laugh x)

    ltlbabeangel Feb 19 '09, 7:36PM
  • Cool quiz! I got Good Listener lol.

    Julia_ Feb 19 '09, 6:48PM

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