What love song are you?

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I made this quiz because I like songs about how much you love someone. Their are lots of songs about that, I didn't know which ones to make as results.

I hope you enjoyed the quiz.

Created by: Jessica Hervey

  1. What do you like best in a song?
  2. Do you like songs by women or men better?
  3. Choose some colors
  4. What kind of picture would you want to take with your bf/gf?
  5. What would you say in a message to your bf/gf?
  6. What would you rather do if you had to display a talent.
  7. Who would you rather see in concert?
  8. What clothes would you rather wear?
  9. If you were to write your wedding vows, what would they say?
  10. If your bf/gf went away, what would you do to remember them?

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Quiz topic: What love song am I?