Love in a beat! pt.12

This is part twelve. Sorry that I didn't put a picture. Anyways sorry it took so long to make this. I'm using my neighbor's wi-fi. Shoutout for every member on GTQ.

I think you'll like this. I made this part more special. My heart melted as I typed this! A lot of times. I hope your a romantic addict. Some of the songs I put on here are real.

Created by: GirlyGothic

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  1. We high fived and I payed for our wedges. We both got white ones. Then we went to Hot Topic. She picked up a bottle of nail polish. I got hair clips that looks like skeleton hands.
  2. I payed then we went home. Emily said,"See you tomorrow at school." I said,"See you tomorrow." Then I walked off. Once I got home I ate supper.
  3. Crow said,"Hey sis. Nice hair clips." I smiled and said,"Thanks." Then finished the rest of my supper. I went upstairs and turned on my stereo. Then my phone began to ring.
  4. I answered it and said,"Hello,kt's me." Then I heard Jerry laugh. Then he said,"Hey babe." I said,"Hey there honey." Then he said,"So how was your day?" I said,"Good. Yours?" He said,"Good as well. Anyways,I'm on the basketball team and we have a gane this Saturday."
  5. I said,"You made the team? That's awesome!" He said,"Yes it is. But not as awesome as you." I said,"Wow. That's the most romantic thing I heard." He said,"Anyways. Do you want to watch the first game?" I said,"Sure."
  6. Then I heard Mom say,"Time for bed!" I didn't hang up. I just turned my stereo low. Layed on my bed and wispered,"I got to wisper. It's time for bed but I don't want to hang up." He said."OK." Then I said,"So what time is the game?" He said,"My dad will pick you up. I'll buy you a ticket and give you a few dollars to spend at the consession stand." I said,"OK. Thank you."
  7. He said,"You don't have to thank me. You want to thank me." I giggled and said,"I can't wait until the game." Then he said,"Whenever you need me. Just come to me. If I'm not busy." I said,"OK."
  8. Then he said,"Look outsice your window." Soon I heard music coming through the phone and coming from outside. I said,"OK." Then I went to the window.
  9. I looked out the window and saw Jerry. I pulled up my window and hung up. The song that was playing Slipknot-Snuff. He said,"I love you Raven! I can't go a day without your vouce. I'm always here for you." Soon my mom opened my door.
  10. Mom looked at me then lut the window. Then she nodded her head and left. I said,"I love you to! I'm here for you whenever you need me! You are so romantic." Then he turned off the boombox.
  11. Then he pulled out a rose from his pocket and threw it up. I caught it and smelled it. I smiled and said,"Thank you!" Then mom came back in my room and put a ladder out the window.
  12. She said,"Go to him. Be with him." I was shocked. But I did what she said. Then Jerry greeted me. Soon I hugged him. Then we kissed. I stopped and said,"I'm addicted like it's wrong." He laughed and we kissed again. Mom then yelled,"Stay a night with him!"
  13. Cliff-hanger.

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