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  • Yay I got Navi!!!

    I love The Legend of Zelda! Good quiz, but there should be more questions that pertain a little more to maybe some of the gaming content so people can be excited and guess which one they are and then find out....loved it though!

  • I got Link. Brave, heroic, and indecisive. Alright. I've a question, though: Why the heck doesn't anyone acknowledge Sheik and how awesomely awesome and characteristically believable she is?

  • Funny i got zelda hey i did a quiz like this[might be not acurate] but its called,what leagend of zelda twilight princess are you.

    super great quiz thanks :);p

  • good quiz
    i got young link

    oh and i liked your zombie survival quiz trevor it was cewl



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