What Kinda Pokemon Are You?

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This quiz is for people who want to know the ultimate question in life: What Kinda Pokemon Are You? You may have wondered this question for awhile or you were just bored.

If you want the best results for this quiz please answer the questions honestly or your answer will not make any sense what so ever. The last question doesn't help your answer.

Created by: Josh

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  1. It's Autumn and you have allergies but you're friends want you to come outside on a walk with them, how do you answer?
  2. Do you prefer hanging out with friends or playing your newest video game with online friends?
  3. If someone asks you if you would want a certain item that you didn't want for Christmas what would you say?
  4. Do you prefer designing or judging?
  5. Would you prefer to be a Billionaire or have your dream job and not have any financial issues?
  6. Would you rather stay at home and watch a Triathlon on TV or participate in a Triathlon?
  7. Would you rather eat anything you want for free or meet your Idol for $200?
  8. What is your favorite genre of music?
  9. What Kinda Pokemon Do You Think You Are?
  10. Why are you doing this Quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Kinda Pokemon am I?