What kind of POKEMON are you?

There are lots of people who watch Pokemon. But plenty still ask the question, "What are Pokemon?" They are Animal like creatures full of wonder! Example: Pikachu is a Mouse type. Piplup is a Penguin type, Etc. :P

Do YOU watch Pokemon? Do you know all the types? do YOU want too know what type of Pokemon you are? after this quiz you will see what type of Pokemon you are out of FIVE different types! Go ahead, I won't slow you down any longer. :D

Created by: Leonskott

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What type would you be?
  2. How Loyal are you?
  3. How Kind are you?
  4. Do you serve you're master or make others serve you?
  5. What color are you're eyes?
  6. Which Pokemon trainer would you want most?
  7. Out of these Pokemon, which 4 would you want (AS A TRAINER)!!!
  8. Do you watch the new series of Pokemon? (Senough -I probly spelled that wrong- League Victors)
  9. Which Pokemon do you think is "Cuter"
  10. Which movie did you enjoy most out of these?:

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Quiz topic: What kind of POKEMON am I?