what kind of vamp are you

Vampires are demons of the night the love blood and adore raw meet they hate the sun living dead constalnly biting people for blood and to make other vampires they are almost always traviling in the dark and never in the light the sun light can kill them

Are you a Vampire do you hate sunlight love blood and enjoy killing then you just might be on your way to being a true vampire do you find yourself wanting some blood or raw meet or a combo of the two if yes get some of your vamp friends and join the partay

Created by: Bruce

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  1. What do you enjoy doing most
  2. Do you enjoy taking hostages
  3. Do you enjoy day walks
  4. Do you hunt only for the blood
  5. What do you fear most
  6. whats your favorite color
  7. where do you live
  8. when was the last time you hunted
  9. when was the last time you had blood
  10. when was the last time you went sunbathing
  11. when was the last time you went sunbathing

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Quiz topic: What kind of vamp am I