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  • right now i am and ANGRY SURFER for the 2nd time i am over 50 million and pause game only to have it reset my score 248,000 coins gone 38 total regular and supef myste boxes, at least those are there on next game. when i reach around 20-30 million points game starts having malfunctions causing delayed responce times of charecter!!! hope they get it together!!!! very frustrating playing that long only to have it wiped!!!!

  • Daredevil all the way! It's really funny that I took this quiz cause today I'm leaving for camp and it's a two hour drive so I asked my dad if we could charge the iPad so I could play subway surfers in the car. Lol

  • I remember being addicted af to this game as a kid,I was a expert and owned almost every character they made. Cool quiz mate really wouldn't say I'm a safe player more so a collector.

  • I'm a collector :-D But I'm also a colorful player a bit heehee


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