What kind of schoolgirl are you ?

About half of the world's poplation consists of schoolchildren. While we are in school, people group us into unfair categories. However, we should just be ourselves. But, if we are always thinking about studies, don't care about having fun or playing sports, we are missing out on our childhood. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But, we need to do well in school to be succesful in life, so we should never be party girls. No adults like them.

Are you just right? Are you a party girl or so-called nerd ? If you are NOT ' just perfect', try to improve yourself. Be a nice person- that's all that counts!

Created by: Shivani
  1. What would you do to alter your school uniform ?
  2. How do you wear your hair ?
  3. Your favourite type of music is -
  4. What do you do in your free time ?
  5. Which of these movies appeal to you ?
  6. What, out of these, would your parents NOT allow you to wear -
  7. What do you like to read ?
  8. What after-school activities do you go for ?
  9. What do you look for in a friend ?
  10. How many times have you been in trouble at school ?
  11. What would you hate the most in the world ?

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Quiz topic: What kind of schoolgirl am I ?