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  • I got the depressed one that know one notices. It makes sense.

    Junara02 May 28 '15, 8:15PM
  • This quiz says I m sexyyy.... thats true i m.....really!!!!!!; -);-);-)

    misscutie3 Jul 30 '14, 7:01AM
  • I'm not gothic. I don't wear makeup. People are NOT afraid of me. I don't have a satanic vibe; I'm a Christian... Wow...

    ________________ Mar 16 '14, 5:55PM
  • heehee, it said i was loud and crazy! im really shy :)

    sara63 Apr 6 '10, 4:53PM
  • im quiet and kind fits me great

    aw4391 Mar 16 '10, 2:27PM
  • I'm not Gothic...lol.

    VeganVampire107 Jul 16 '09, 4:13PM
  • Meh, football, I don't care about football...
    But battle action. There you go.

    appayipyip Jul 9 '09, 3:38PM
  • Quiet & Kind thats me most of the time

    starfire3 Jun 24 '09, 3:22PM
  • I'm Gothic?!?

    Well.. .

    Netto PP Jun 24 '09, 3:18AM

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