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  • I'm sure this quiz was made by a shallow stupid teenage girl who is addicted to latest fashion and shallow stuffs. And obviously, when you are not in the "crowd", when you're not in her "norm" she says you must change yourself. whats wrong with being different? and whats wrong with being a nerd?! Who are you to judge others with such offensive comments as "nobody likes you you're ugly", first, this is called DISCRIMINATION. anyone who is different need to be respected as well. Just like everyone else does. Stop bullying and discrimination! Second, yeah im nerd so what? At least, i'm smart and i like interesting things such as sciences, foreign languages, arts.. and not interested in such shallow and stupid things such as clothes, make up.. damn stupid people.

  • Artistic, as usual...

  • I think I am both sporty and artistic. I <3 both!!! =] Great quiz!!

    Puppy xo1

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