What Kind of Music Person are You?

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If you are a music lover, you may want to know what kind of person you are? Are more of a cowboy country person? Or are you one of those big time rockers? Music is the source of joy, and everyone has different styles.

Do you know what you are? Or are you unsure? This quiz will help you find out what type of musical person you are. Answer carefully, and you will soon find out what you are!!

Created by: Buddy
  1. When you are at a concert, and you need to throw up your hand, you hold up a.....
  2. Which name appeals to you the most?
  3. What pattern of colors do you like?
  4. If you were in a band, what position would you take?
  5. Your friend has two tickets to your favorite band's concert. Tickets are no longer for sale. What would you do to get one?
  6. When casually walking, you.....
  7. On the television, you turn on.....
  8. When you get ice cream, you head straight for.....
  9. What pets do you have?
  10. What is the best smiley thing?

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Music Person am I?