How Well Do You Know Johnny Cash?

Hello! Here is a quiz to see How Knowledgeable Are You About Johnny Cash. My whole family has grown up listening To Country Music, and wanted to see how well you guys did.

So here is a new quiz, and please try your best and take my quizzes. And if you like this quiz maybe, you should go and listen to his music. So Bye Bye, and have fun taking my quiz...

Created by: Nelson L.

  1. In what state was Johnny Cash born?
  2. What branch of the US military did Cash join?
  3. What was Johnny's first wife's name?
  4. What job did Johnny have before breaking into the music business?
  5. What was the name of the record label that first signed Johnny Cash?
  6. Which of these men were not in Cash's origanal band, "The Tennessee Three"?
  7. What televisison network was The Johnny Cash Show aired on?
  8. Which Hall of Fame was Johnny Cash not inducted into?
  9. In 1985 Cash joined up with Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson. What was this group called?
  10. How many children do Johnny Cash and June Carter have between them?
  11. Finish this line: I sot a man in Reno...
  12. Who was not a memeber of The Million Dollar Quartet?
  13. What actor is Jog ny Cash portrayed by in the movie, "Walk The Line"?
  14. June Carter wrote the Song, "Ring Of Fire."
  15. Johnny Cash wrote songs about prison because he was once incarcerated in Folsom Prison.
  16. What Arkansas town did Cash grow up in

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Johnny Cash?