What kind of liar are you?

Welcome to the Private Investigators quiz. If you're here read because of our blog posts it is because you may be scared that your partner is constantly lying. But have you thought about how much of a liar YOU are?

Take the quiz and check out your result, maybe you will find out things that you didn't even know about your self. Remember: try to be honest! The quiz is only for you to see.

Created by: PrivateInv of Private Investigators Inc.
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  1. If someone asks you, "Where were you last night?" What would your answer be?
  2. Would you lie to your parents?
  3. Would you lie to your friends if you didn't want to go out with them?
  4. If you broke something valuable in your home, would you be honest about it to your spouse ?
  5. Do you remember what your last lie was about?
  6. How do you feel after lying?
  7. Your friend has a very bad haircut and asks you what you think about it. You:
  8. You flirt with a woman at a bar, your spouse asks you if you talked/flirted with anyone. You:
  9. Did you lie today?
  10. Did you lie during this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What kind of liar am I?