What's your worst quality?

Everyone is good at the core, but no one is perfect. SO, which negative characteristic do you reflect? Are you Annoying? Bossy? Pushy? Angry? More bad qualities are there to chose from, so try your best and see what you get!

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Created by: Nikki_Knox
  1. You see a friend of a friend's wallet lying on the table: they left it there, but they're already gone. You:
  2. You walk by a friend and hear her talking smack about her. You:
  3. There's a project that needs to be done and you are forced to work with a team. You have a great idea, but one girl disagrees and tries to sell her idea. You:
  4. Your shopping with your female friend. She tries on a dress that looks completely disgusting on her, but she loves it! She asks you how she looks, so you say:
  5. Your friend's mom just passed away and you're invited to the funeral. But, you were also invited to a modeling shoot on the same day (just imagine...) You:
  6. You just got a test back and when you saw that you got 86%, you celebrated by:
  7. You just got a new job that pays really really well. You:
  8. What is your worst quality?
  9. Which is your worst quality?
  10. What's your worst quality?
  11. What is your quote?
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Quiz topic: What's my worst quality?