What kind of Juice are you?

You drink many different kinds of juices. You drink lime, lemon, peach and sometimes even apple juice. But did you know that with taking the types of juices you indulge and drink in your everyday life, can show you something else? It can show you what "kind" of juice you are! Are you sweet or sour. Are you spicy or hot? It's your choice and the quiz will show the results! Have fun and enjoy the quiz!

This quiz is all about you. About what kind of juices you like, things you like to do, people you like to hang out with. When you take this quiz, it will show you what kind of juice you are. It's tones of fun and it can really give you sparky and fun ideas for recipes, and other fun things to do! Have fun and tonnes of enjoyment as you explore and test your ideas and knowledge to see and get the explanation of the quiz test! Have fun again! See ya!

Created by: BUG
  1. You are in a Science Fair project. You are allowed to choose three people to work with. Who do you choose?
  2. Next question. You are allowed to pick three bracelets from a rack. Which colours do you choose?
  3. Next question. You go to a lemonade stand. There are colours of glasses to choose. Which one?
  4. You are picking out a top for picture day. You choose a shirt that is...
  5. You go to pick out a colours for your brand new bedroom. You choose:
  6. Next Question. You go to the mall to choose a new bathing suit for the summer. You choose a bathing suit that is...
  7. You choose new socks for back to school. They are....
  8. Next Question. If you could redo your entire house, what kind of wood would the closets be made out of?
  9. Next Question. You pick out a housecoat for your niece who is turning seven. You choose the colour/s...
  10. You are visiting a life and arts festival. Your class has signed up for the drumming session. You enter the room and there are many drums in a circle. You choose the drum that has....
  11. Last Question. What kind of juice do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Juice am I?