What kind of horselover are you?

This is a quiz to see what kind of horselover you are. Answer all questions honestly, with what you would do in the real situation. We need your honesty to correctly calculate your result.

We have no idea what you'll get, but it certainly isn't fate, because these tell us so! If you love/hate/fear horses, tell us here in this quiz and find out what result you are!

Created by: Hallie
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  1. One day, you are riding in a large field. Suddenly your horse bolts and dashes around the outside, leaving you clinging on for dear life. Do you:
  2. You have to move to an apartment and have to sell your beloved pony. You:
  3. You watch a very disturbing documentary about Mexican Horse Slaughterhouses. You:
  4. You go to the stables to ride. You choose:
  5. OMG! Your crush asks you out - on the same night as your Gymkhana! You:
  6. You're at the mall with your friend having a blast! Then you get a call from your mom that your pony is down with a cold. You:
  7. Your pony dies. You:
  8. Would you wake up early just to give your horse mash?
  9. What kind of car do you want?
  10. Last one. Do you like Twilight?

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Quiz topic: What kind of horselover am I?