Trump Derangement Syndrome Quiz / Test

You will need to answer the questions. Answer as correctly to the best of your ability. These answers will tell you how bad your TDS is. Please answer carefully.

Answer to the best of your ability. The answers must be correct.Take your time; there are only 12 questions! Answer very carefully and HONESTLY.Honesty will determine how bad your TDS honestly is.

Created by: SkillUp
  1. Of the following options, what best describes the best system the USA should run with?
  2. Choose HONESTLY based on the Best Answer that would describe you best – When you come to conclusions, you use your emotions more than you would use logic and facts.
  3. Which of the following statements best describe your overall sentiment towards Trump-Supporters, as a whole?
  4. How true is the claim that "Russia hacked the USA election"?
  5. Have you ever felt extreme hatred or negative emotions Trump-Supporters?
  6. How strong is your faith in Robbert Mueller?
  7. How willing are you to have a conversation with a Trump-Supporter?
  8. What would you do if Trump won the re-election in 2020?
  9. Donald Trump – is the man racist?
  10. Do you consider the NRA a Terrorist Organization?
  11. What do you think of Diversity?
  12. Do you tend to go straight to the Twitter replies critical of Trump when reading Trump's tweets or do you tend to ignore them?

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