How much can you score in this test??

Do you think you have good knowledge about things? Do you think you're aware of the surroundings? Well, you could be wrong! Take this quiz to find out!!

Can you answer all these questions without Google-ing them? Do you have the ability to answer these questions correctly? Well, take this quiz and Find out!

Created by: Cherry

  1. So, let's begin! A warm up question... What was the full name of Hitler?
  2. Who is the author of 'Animal Farm'?
  3. Which dinosaur had arms 90cm long, which could not even reach up to its mouth?
  4. Okay, now an easy one.... Who was the first prime minister of India?
  5. Time to show off some language skills.... How do you say I Love You in French?
  6. Where did the Polo game emerge?
  7. Which country was awarded the award for one of the best health care systems in the world by WHO in 2000?
  8. What was the nationality of Hitler?
  9. Almost done.... Who attacked Kuwait in the 1990's?
  10. Last one... Who became Femina Miss India 2016?

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Quiz topic: How much can I score in this test??