Are your parents still in love?

Are your parents still in love? Take this quiz to find out! This quiz may not give the direct answer that you were hoping for, but please try your best to determine it and answer all the questions as correctly as possible.

If none of the answers of the quiz are suitable for you, then please just select the answer that is the most appropriate for the situation. If none are appropriate, just choose the middle option.

Created by: Sophie
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  1. Have your parents been on any dates lately?
  2. Do your parents engage in any romantic activity?
  3. Have your parents talked about getting a divorce?
  4. How do your parents act towards each other?
  5. How long have your parents been married?
  6. What present do your parents get for each other on their birthday?
  7. How old is their youngest child?
  8. You may find this irrelevant, but how well does your mum's parents get on with your dad/ dad's parents get on with your mum?
  9. What kind of music are they into?
  10. Do you think your parents are good for each other?

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Quiz topic: Am Ir parents still in love?