What Type of Parent Will You Be

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There is no perfect set of parents. There are many different types actually. Take the quiz and see which one you might be int the future. Select the answer in these scenarios to determine which parent you might be,

Click the answer that you think you will do in that situation. Not what you think id the right answer. This quiz is fun, interesting, and might even tell the future.

Created by: wizzyy

  1. How many kids do you want
  2. How many hours would you want to work a week when you find a career
  3. Your baby is crying and everyone is looking at youWhat do you do
  4. Your kid is running around the house making a mess and not listening to youWhat do you do
  5. You are yelling at your child and they start to cry, what do you do.
  6. Your kid just drew with their marker all over the walls and furniture to try to impress you with their "art". What do you do
  7. Your kid has a 20 things their holiday list, nothing to unreasonable, just toys. What do you get them, assuming you can afford everything
  8. Your two sons are fighting and one gives the other a black eye even though he didn't do it intentionally What do you do
  9. The neighbor kid is bullying your kidWhat do you do
  10. Your kid get suspended for starting a fight at school, how do you react
  11. Now your kid gets suspended for getting into a fight, but they were defending themselves from a bully, how do you react
  12. You find your 8 year old with an M rated game/ R rated movie
  13. Your child comes home with 2 F's What do you do
  14. Your 16 year old wants a new car for their birthday, assume you can afford it, what do you do
  15. Your kid discovers volleyball and wants to quit the basketball team to play even though they are a starter
  16. Your child wants to skip school today because they have a really hard exam and wants an extra day to study
  17. You find drugs in your kid's room
  18. Your child lost the computer that you gave them for school, they ask for another one because they need it for class, and will fall behind without oneWhat do you do
  19. You kid wants to go to a party and you know drugs and alcohol will be there. Will you let them go
  20. Your child introduces their new GF/BF, and you think they are a bad influenceWhat do you do
  21. You find a large wad of cash in your child room/walletWhat do you do
  22. Your kid saved up for a motorcycle, you do not think it is safe and that he should not buy it. What do you do
  23. Your kid goes to college and chooses a major you don't approve ofWhat do you do
  24. What type of parent do/did you have growing up
  25. Your kid gets accepted into a college across the country
  26. Will you ever consider driving a mini van
  27. What do you think is the most important part of parenting
  28. Whats your biggest fear of being of parent
  29. What would be the one lesson you hope your child learns

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