Who are your TRUE warrior cat parents :)

This quiz tells you who your most connected warrior cat parents are so that you can know who they are and love them with all your warrior cat heart!!!

one more thing don't be bored and click on something random, or you wont have the correct answer. feel free to take this quiz again if you get something you don't like.

Created by: Monique Van Alstyne

  1. Who do you want as your warrior cat parents(does not effect answer)
  2. are you a loner, rouge, kittypet, or clan cat
  3. whats your favorite thing to do?
  4. whats your favorite food (cat wise)
  5. who is your favorite marvel superhero?
  6. ARG i'm bored, are you bored
  7. WAIT DON'T GO, whats your favorite emoji
  8. how are you
  9. tired of adding questions!
  10. Lastly, did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Who am Ir TRUE warrior cat parents :)