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  • What. The. Hell.

    First off, my mental health is fine, and my intelligence is not "unhealthily low," thank you very much.

    I'm not brainwashed and I don't blame everything on the Russians. I am aggressively anti-Trump, but I won't "stop at nothing" to dethrone the 45th President from his "rightful Presidency."

    I also don't really consider myself that violent, nor do I use "magical thinking" to blame Trump of anything.

    "Your delusions are plentiful and occur at minimum a total sum of 45 times per day." You want to know who's delusional? Everyone who actually thinks this guy has any clue how to run a country. Yes, that includes you.

    Is this enough "constructive criticism" for you, or would you like me to give you a few more tips?

  • This "quiz" could NOT be more biased if Trump created it himself. Count yourself LUCKY if it tells you you have "TDS" because the answers you need to give to get anything OTHER than that just prove that his followers are delusional, which is the REAL "D" in "TDS"

  • This is the most retarded quiz I've ever seen on this website.

    I didn't think there was a boomer that existed that had enough computer skills to be able to create a quiz here so props to whoever created this quiz lmao so at least you are not as retarded as this quiz makes you out to be

  • Ok listen very closely... you are an sexist racist idiot to idolize that orange manic go and rethink your political choices

  • I scored 80 % normal. No TDS here.

    Sappy Drupp
    • Well isn't that just wonderful. You and SkillUp can go throw a big party and worship your perfect angel dictator together. Have fun.

  • the quiz is obviously biased but its not terrible

    Faceless Knight