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  • You Don't have to be a Stereotypical Metal Loving,Dpressed,Moody Person to be Goth. I Personally Don't like Metal it gives me a Headache. I do like Colors like Black,Green,Purple,Silver and even Pink. I love Vampires,Ravens,Bats and Skulls. Love Things like The Addams Family and Horror Movies. I feel i have more Energy at Night then i do during the Day. I find it Rude to call People Fake or Posers. I have been told before i fit into Vampire Goth or Victorian Goth maybe even a little bit of Pastel Goth.Goth Doesn't mean Satanic. I follow a more Free Spirited Spiritual Path yeah I believe Lucifer Exists however I don't see myself as Satanic or doing Demon summoning Rituals. That is kind of extreme.

    Jade Hunter
  • I am completely a perjy goth! SAweet job! ^^ I do feel hot topic is emo and poser. I like the classics. I Love my pink and black and purpleness colorscheme! Oh! Myth on perky goths picking up the weirdest or most uncommon little trinkets, YES! We totally do! There are uses for these things people! XD I love punk rock, especially my classics AFI and hard core, heavy metal, industrial metal and symphonic metal and country, heavier and newer country, like Eric Church! Or Garth Brookes, anyway, those are my favorite genres. Classical and gothic are something to listen to always I don't think Bauhaus could not exist for me XD Stone Sour and.. Nightwish, Fear Factory, Xandria, Death Angel, Symphony-X, Valkyria,and many more. I'm a youtuber and many albums for those bands are on there XD I have a whole list that I'm expanding daily. So yeah, cool quiz I love how it was correct /(!.!)\ Arf! They is adowable! ^^ Hyperness, now ending, I'm done XDD byes!

  • Idk what type of goth I am or even if I am goth but I love everything dark and spooky such as bats, skeletons, coffins, etc. Especially dark music. I don't like metal. What I mean by dark or morbid music is like Nether music from Minecraft, Goosebumps Horrorland game soundtrack, especially Vampire Village,Dark morbid scary or Halloween music. Idk y but it's just really beautiful. Helps me calm down and I don't know, The vibes are beautiful. Everything like that is just so beautiful. And I used to have a crush on Wednesday Addams and Lucy Loud. Pure type of way.

  • How come pastel goth is not an option in the answers so I thought this quiz for all kinds of goth but no it was specific types of, so next time instead of writing what kind of goth are you say which of these goth types are you thank you for wasting my precious time we had other things to do by the way my name is Zuri and I feel so disappointed that's a lot what kind of goth are you when you're a different type of goth and it's not even in the answer so thank you were ever made this quiz you made me very very much trouble sorry for the emotions but seriously take my suggestion of changing the name of the quiz Plus if you're making another quiz a must be specifically 4 pastel goth peace out

    Zuri werrfgddg
  • What a weird quiz. No Trad Goth options, and the most unfitting results of all times.

    May you post the answers of the questions tied to the results?

    Eddie Winkler
  • i am other goth. i am not even goth, nor scene, nor emo. anyway, i'm a girl and was wondering. is it gay to wear boy pants and a boy shirt? just asking.

  • Never ever crossed me

    Zuri werrfgddg
  • Cool quiz


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