what kind of fruit are you?

am i a kiwi srawberry bannana orange grape or bluberyy find out hear ! and dont for get to rate me and leave the most awesome comment who evr leaves the most awesome comment i will make a story about them!! in a form of a quiz

rate me high answer the questions and leave a comment it only takes a couple minutes it will be worth your time !! have fun and tell me what fruit you gott

Created by: foreverfab1892

  1. whats going through your head when you meet a new person
  2. wat would decribe your persinality?
  3. favcolor (dosnt apply to color of fruit just persinalotiy information)
  4. favorite time of the day
  5. what do you do when some random number texts you (heyy whats up)
  6. how many enimes do you have
  7. whats you favorit number
  8. will you rate and comment and tell me if this quiz was good for a14 yr old
  9. what do your friends say about u
  10. how was this quiz

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Quiz topic: What kind of fruit am I?