What kind of friends do you hang out with??

So everybody's always asking what kind of person you are. But what about the people that shape who you are?? Are they the same as you?? Are they different?? Have you changed?? Let's see.

You're friends are with you for most of your school life and sometimes longer so you get a hold on what their personality and make sure you can relate to them right?? Or are you totally diff?? Let's find out if your friends are who you think they are.

Created by: ashly
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  1. School's out!! Where's the first place your friends suggests you guys go??
  2. Describe your friends in one word??
  3. If your friends were to go hang out WITHOUT you, would you be upset??
  4. Does your friend know your favorite singer/rapper/screamer etc.??
  5. You and your friends are laughing. About what??
  6. Have your friends ever commented on what you were wearing??
  7. So at the luch table, what goes on??
  8. You text ur friends how much??
  9. You and your friends partied all weekened and didn't study for the test. Your friend...
  10. Lastly(hopefully), there's cheerleading/football tryouts after school. What's your friend say about this??

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Quiz topic: What kind of friends do I hang out with??