what on planet earth are you?

there are lots of people who are cool.and i like to hang out with them becouse of there personality.you got to know the person to be good friends.maybie you might be really good friends with the person and you could always run to them.

you think like me.i learn from my errors and know them well.you do the same thing. you fall off a cliff and drop and live,you would learn not to go so close to the cliff.you have a great personality and you are fun to hang out where ever you are.

Created by: kevin scott

  1. what are you?
  2. where are you?
  3. who are you?
  4. how are you?
  5. where do you go alot?
  6. how smart are you?
  7. what do you do?
  8. what is your heath?
  9. what are you like?
  10. why are you here?

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Quiz topic: What on planet earth am I?