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Thank you for taking our quiz! Learning about ethanol really can be fun if you learn it in a new and interesting way. We strongly encourage students to practice learning about ethanol to increase your knowledge on how we can help our mother earth.

We hope that you continue your search to a better alternative-fuel source. We need to save our planet and keep it beautiful. Remember: a clean planet is a healty planet, and it is our job, as inhabitants of the Earth, to keep it that way.

Created by: Allie

  1. Who developed the first engine that ran on ethanol and turpentine?
  2. Henry Ford built the first what to run on pure ethanol?
  3. When did gasoline become the motor oil of choice?
  4. What is gashol?
  5. What caused ethanol use to drastically reduce?
  6. How many ethanol facilities existed in 1980?
  7. What did EPACT require car fleets to purchase?
  8. What is MTBE?
  9. How many states have passed legislation that bans MTBE?
  10. Which block is the best APES block?

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