how welll do you know friends

You may say you like friends and know a lot about it so if you can complete this quiz with a 100% you are truely a friends fan! go and see! Friend as in the TV show not like the people you hang-out with!!

Are YOU a frieds fan? dont know?!?!? well take this quiz and find out for sure! I am sure you can figure this out its not to hard! Friend as in the TV show not like the people you hang-out with!!

Created by: Sammy

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  1. What is Pheobe's brothers name?
  2. How many wives does Ross have all together
  3. When Ross and Rachel go on a "break" what does Ross do that night that makes him always say," WE WERE ON A BREAK"?
  4. How does Ross find out about Chandler and Monica?
  5. What does Chandler,and Joey have to do to Monica to help get her jellyfish sting not to hurt anymore?
  6. In season 5 what is Rachel's new years resolution?
  7. In the one where Rosita dies, who is Rosita?
  8. What season does Rachel have Emma?
  9. When Pheobe goes to change her name what doesshe change it to?
  10. IN the one with rosses sandwich what in his sandwich is more special then any sandwich?

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Quiz topic: How welll do I know friends