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  • Your Result: Semi-Fat

    You have a Jelly Roll or two, but your not a Mammoth. And yet you still are a fatter person than the guy/girl next to you. But you are not a full blown fat Du-Mage.

    Chubbykitty May 11 '13, 1:40AM
  • I got gigantiorum pathagorium, well, I'm 5'7 and a half and I weigh 105lbs, I'm happy that way therefore you are wrong

    Skylar1231 Feb 29 '12, 8:46PM
  • everyone who is flipping out about this, cool it, its just a joke.

    satan and emos Nov 26 '10, 8:14AM
  • i guess i am a little doughy.....

    Yopa21 Jun 3 '10, 10:56PM
  • I got wanna-be fat... and I don't wanna be fat!

    Tootsie Jun 7 '08, 12:33PM

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