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  • what kind of fantasy character are you?
    Your Result: Elf 89%

    More often than not you are a peaceful person, but you will prove a mighty foe if faced with an enemy. You are connected with nature and often form bonds with animals. You are in no hurry with your life. You take great care in anything and everything you do perfecting your skills down to a T. Honor is the most important thing to you. You rather die than dishonor yourself or your people.

    88% Human warrior
    73% Wizard or mage
    68% Assassin
    26% Dwarf
    Oh yaaaa!

  • Assassin, I am very adventurous, mysterious, defensive, brave and self reliant on myself. I don't take others crap whatsoever and will fight for my freedom and beliefs. Cool quiz mate.

  • Hehe. Assassin. Pretty hot. Loved the quiz. :D

    struck down
  • oooooooo, Assasin. Like I didn't see that coming; No, seriously, I didn't see that coming!! I want to be an elfen, not an Assasin!!

  • great quiz!

  • satisfactory result.


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