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  • Your Result: You are a German Shepherd!

    A playful spirit is you! You like to romp around with family and ones you love, though you are not the type to play in packs you are one where people look up to you to gaurd them. A silly personality that can lead you many places.

    YAY! i think that was a good result! but my favorite dog is a "springer spaniel" and they didnt have it in the quiz, but thats alright! C:

    • YEEET I got a German Shepard 2! I was hoping for a collie, but I was honest, sooooo I think I like it!

  • I'm a german sheperd! I love those kind of dogs! So cute and fluffy!! C: Great quiz make more i like it!! yayy!!XD

  • i got border colie


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