What Kind of Dancer are You?

There are multiple kinds of of dance styles and movements. A dancer is someone who expresses their personality through beautiful movements. A true dancer does not take an athlete, but a true artist.

Are YOU a dancer? If so, what kind? Lets find out whith this quiz. It will tell you allllllllllll. Or at least all you need to know. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Lord Farquaad

  1. What kind of music do you prefer?
  2. What kind of costume would be easier to dance in? For females, each include red, sparkly lipstick; fake eye lashes; tight bun (high or low); blue or white eye shadow; and red bush. most have rhinestone chokers and rhinestone hair bands.
  3. How do you spend most free time?
  4. What shoes would you choose to wear if you could only wear them?
  5. Which genre movie/play would you go to see?
  6. There are 5 Bedrooms. Which do you choose?
  7. Which sounds the funnest?
  8. Would you rather...
  9. Which would you prefer to be your pet?
  10. Final question. Do you ship Percabeth?!

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Dancer am I?