What kind of cute is your dog

All dogs are cute in their own special way! You know what they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in this case cuteness is in the eye of your dog.

Everybody knows dogs are cute, but why? Is it because of their personality or their apperence? When you take this quiz you will know what kind of cute your dog is.

Created by: Hi there

  1. How long is your dog active (running and playing) a day?
  2. How long does your dog sleep/relax?
  3. Does your dog get into your stuff?
  4. Is your dog in dog shows or people give you complements on how your dog looks.
  5. Does your dog stay in one general area most of the day?
  6. *RANDOM QUESTION* Do you prefere milk or tea?
  7. Is your dog a purebreed or a mix?
  8. Is your dog at a healthy weight?
  9. How big is your dog?
  10. How many tricks does your dog know?

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