how cute an animal would you be?

many people think they are cute. this quiz sees if you relly are cute. you see, if you were an animal you might be cute you might not. but when your a human you cant really tell since we all have the same limbs and such.

are you a cute little baby animal inside?! yes? no? well you can find out with this quiz! isnt that fun? you have to answer only 12 or 13 questions to know that very important answer!

Created by: katie

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  1. your eatin a cup of yogurt,do you think of yourself as a:
  2. a predator if sniffing you out and finds you,what do you do?
  3. if you could have an accent what would it be?
  4. you see a shooting star! what do you say/do?
  5. what color is your skin, fur, feathers,cells, scales? (and whatever else)
  6. how do you get around?
  7. if you were an animal model would you be:
  8. do you like someone?
  9. what kind of animals do you like?
  10. do you think your cute?
  11. what is your favorite TV show?

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