What kind of Corporate Employee are You?

Ever wonder what type of corporate employee you are? Have you ever wondered how your peers perceive you? Well now is your chance to take a non scientific analysis of how you rank in the corporate environment.

There are several types of Corporate employees. Some are in way over their heads while others are simply just there for a paycheck. Which type are you?

Created by: Matthew Laguna
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  1. It is time for lunch & you are behind on your work. Do you stay & work?
  2. It is the end of your work day and there are unfinished tasks your Boss asked you & your co workers to complete.
  3. Your Boss congratulates for someone else’s work.
  4. Work or surf the internet?
  5. Tell your co workers a step by step from the previous nights event.
  6. Enter in office gossip.
  7. Nothing eventful happens at work.
  8. Bright coloer ties/ shirts / shoes
  9. I speak loudly & command attention.
  10. Bring in food to share with your co workers.
  11. Your boss gives you an assignment and you have no clue as to how to complete the task.
  12. You play your music loud enough for everyone to hear you.
  13. You leave your cell phone at your desk and leave the ringer on full volume.

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Quiz topic: What kind of Corporate Employee am I?