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  • What Kind Of Christian Are You?

    Your Result: Non-denominational Liberal Universalist


    One of the least common types of Christianity but possibly the most sincere. You do not claim to know anything for a fact and view the Bible as a randomly-compiled collection of documents that were never intended to be compiled together. However, you do believe that Jesus is God and at least believe in the Resurrection of Christ. You believe that He is active in your life and loves you. You accept scientific advancement as you see science as going hand-in-hand with God. You may or may not have an idea of what happens in the afterlife but you believe that you will be with God.

    I never would have guessed this

    Makaila Afton
  • What the heck is a middle I am a bottom

  • This quiz was spot on; I had an answer for all of them. I don’t quite understand what I got at the end, but the quiz was very good and I’d recommend it!

  • Wow this quiz is great wish i could make one like this but i will be there soon.Thanks for the Quiz bro.:):):):):)

  • 76% other.
    Yey, I'm unique! :]


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