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  • Yeah, what dwhollrah said! Also, I was taught to observe Friday sundown to Saturday sundown as Sabbath, and we believe the Pope is the AntiChrist - well not really, but the AntiChrist is described as seeking to replace God's law with his own laws, and that's a pretty good description of the pope. By the way, we don't believe in hell, either. When someone dies, they sleep until the Second Coming, then the good go to Heavan and the bad are extinguished. And we are saved through God's grace alone, all we have to do is keep accepting it. What religion am I? hint: it started as an offshoot of the Baptist church.

  • There a couple questions that need work. A concordance is a study tool normally found in the rear of a bible but in no way considered part of the Holy Scriptures. No option could be used to accurately answer that question.

    Also, for me there was no reasonable option to express how I feel about the pope.

    The survey wrongly suggests I place very little importance on God's grace being involved in my salvation. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

  • It got my affiliation correct, but was rather disparaging toward my church in the description. The author most definitely does not understand Catholicism, at all. I don't require saints to pray for me, but it's always nice to have someone praying for you. And I don't study the Bible?!? Really??? It was after a lot of study, both the Bible and the teachings of various denominations, that I decided to join the Catholic Church.

  • this was obviously a very directed quiz with a preconceived notion of how certain answers would drive the interview. i consider myself a progressive and realize that much of the bible has been influenced, for good or ill, by human hands. i also believe that there is absolutely no single act, or group of acts that can asure our salvation. God's sacrifice on the cross forever sealed our covenant, and regardless of how many good acts i do in this life, there is nothing that i could ever do to deserve the grace that God has given freely. yet your survey makes me a literalist. and then by being a literalist i am that much more of a christian than the other religions you list? open your mind - read some rob bell.

  • Very poorly designed quiz. For example, the writer has absolutely no idea what a Concordance is! (It's a reference book, basically an expanded index to the Bible.) Most questions did not have an answer appropriate to me. AND I am most definitely NOT an evangelical! The very poor understanding of Christianity leads me to believe the writer probably is.

  • Your Result: You Are An Evangelical

    You believe that salvation is by grace through faith. That each element is indispensible in bringing a man/woman to salvation. You tend to interpet the bible as it was written and do not seek to add to or take away from its meaning based on your own theology

    I'm Catholic. :)

  • Several questions had no answer as far as Catholics are concerned

    As a baptised person, the Pope is a Christian (though not necessarily saved)(and, yes, I know you disagree about whether or not he is a Christian). His courtesy title is "The Holy Father".

    Baptism question unanswerable

    Comments on the results are disrespectful to Catholics

  • You believe in salvation by grace through faith alone. You put all of the emphasis on faith, and very little on God's grace. Though you do find Grace to be important, it is a vehicle to salvation rather than a means to salvation. You embrace the spiritual rather than the legalistic, sometimes to a fault.

    pretty much yes but some no

  • 11. God...
    Caused Adam to sin
    Allowed Adam to sin
    c.) God knew Adam would sin.

    Your choices are both incorrect God neither caused nr allowed Adam to sin. He forbade him from sinning by eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad.

    The serpent caused woman to sin and consequently the woman caused Adam to sin.

    I left my answer blank in your quiz.

  • 3. How then must we be saved?
    By Grace, through Faith Alone
    By Grace
    Believe and Be Baptised (in that order)
    --All these choices sound correct to me--
    a.) Ephesians 2.8

    For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

    b.) Titus 2.11

    For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,

    c.) Mark 16.16

    He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

  • I am an Evangelical and it said Pentecostal, and it is because I didn't really understand one and said it wrong. Just a note to jack_of_jersey, all christian churches did not break off of the catholic, only some of them. Sorry but you are wrong. OK quiz.

  • christianity is believin Jesus died on the cross for ur sins and ur saved and God wants us to spread the word and the reason the bible has so many books is so that we know wat to do at each situation. we're not perfect but God cares for us anyway. He will forgive anyone for any kind of sin,murder,stealin, lying

    anything. cathlolics mak the impression u need to do a bunch of motions to believe in God when u don't.

  • I am an evangelical if I have to take a label, but the question about the concordance I didn't get! It's a study tool, it's not a Holy Book! I just chose that because I do study Gods word with the help of one so I din't want to pick one of the other 2 answers!

  • Pardon me mishele, but the Catholic Church is the first church, ALL NON-CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN CHURCHES BROKE OFF OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH OR ANOTHER CHURCH THAT BROKE OFF OF IT etc. This is HISTORICAL FACT, not religious belief. I would also like to comment that as catholics we do not need intercession of the saints, but it does help. Whom ever wrote this quiz failed to do their research on catholicism

  • Two coments: one) I think you should include to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints

    two) Jack of Jersey you're wrong, plain and simple.

  • While the test did correctly deduce that I'm Catholic, I take issue with the insulting remarks towards Catholics in the results.

  • I got Evangelical, but I am Pentecostal. Hmmm.... BTW you spelled pentecostal wrong. And some of those questions had nothing to do with Pentecost.

  • Wtf.Im Catholic and i got evangilical.How the f*** could that be true.I will always stick to my Catholic religion and NEVER change!

  • I got Evangelical but I'm a very scary fire breathing atheist. I incinerate Christians just by talking to them.

  • It is by grace you have been saved trough faith and this is not of yourselves, it is a gift through God, so that no one can boast.............. ................... ..........Children of God!!!! listen to God and him onlt. Decide yourself whether or not you need him. and let God be your guide!!! Don't let anyone decide for you. If you want to truly become a part of God's family, read John 3 in the Bible!

  • This said I am evangelical christian, but I'm not. I'm pentacostal; always have been, and always will be.

  • I always thought I was Methodist =/

  • Hi i want become to christian in protestant plz any one help me if u can its my email

    Mj,[no emails]

    Mojtaba sultani
  • oh i got evangelical its all good

  • What a bull s--- quiz.

    Hikaru Katsu

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