what kind of candy r u?

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what candy r u?? r u lollipop or chocolate or cotten kandy or bubble gum?? i can tell u if u take my quiz.

just answer these qwestions n rate and comment 4 me and hopefully it will get to da top qwizzez list.

Created by: HUGE ASS

  1. wich of these sweets do u like??
  2. which of these colors do u like the most??
  3. do u like my qwiz???
  4. how much do u like sweets?
  5. which chocolate do u like the most??
  6. r u getting bored??
  7. wat flavor of ice kreem do u like most?
  8. wat kind of chocolate do u like?
  9. how many times do u have sweets in a week??
  10. wat do u wanna be??

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