What kind of boys/girls do you attract?

Are you one of those gorgeous/ handsome people at your school? Well, in this quiz you could find out which kind of people you attract. Even if you think you're not gorgeous you are.

You may wonder who is s Attracted to me at school? Well with this quiz you can find out what kind of person you attract. You might be surprised when you take this quiz

Created by: Ana

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hair color
  2. Eye color
  3. How many girls/boys have you dated.
  4. Do you like smart people
  5. Do you like popular people
  6. Do you like bad people?
  7. Do you like sporty people?
  8. Would you like a pretty girlfriend( answer no if your a girl)
  9. Would you like a handsome boyfriend?( answer no if your a guy)
  10. Was this quiz boring?

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Quiz topic: What kind of boys/girls do I attract?