What kind of biscuit are you?

Have you ever wondered what kind of biscuit you are? Now you can find out by taking this fun test! At only just over 20 questions this quick quiz is fun and easy!

Are you a tasty treat? delicious snack? A soggy biscuit? Say yes to this quiz and all will be answered! Have fun! What kind of biscuit are you? LETS FIND OUT!

Created by: Oliver Malone
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Favorite colour
  2. What word sums you up?
  3. Favorite Film
  4. Favorite animal
  5. What stereotypes fits you best?
  6. Subject of choice
  7. Favorite TV channel
  8. Favorite country
  9. Favorite Simpsons character
  10. Favorite sport
  11. Preferred film genre
  12. Favorite website
  13. If you could be a God of something what would it be?
  14. Favorite holiday
  15. Favorite Holiday destination
  16. Without looking what was the third question?
  17. Search engine of choice
  18. Which of the following words is stupidest?
  19. Final question. How much of a biscuit do you feel right now?

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Quiz topic: What kind of biscuit am I?