what kind of animal will you get along with best?

there are many animal lovers, but most are dog lovers there are many different pets that you can get from dogs and cats to snakes and lizards. find your pet today!!!

Do you like animals, are you wanting to find your soul in an animal? mybe you just want to have unique personalaties. mybe you will have that one day. so take this quiz and find your perfect animal today!!!! this is all true

Created by: lonewolf781

  1. do dogs hate you?
  2. how do you react to cats eyes in the dark?
  3. how responsible are you with pets
  4. how many pets have died within a week once you have got them?
  5. can you handle a little bit of noise in the night?
  6. do you like exercising?
  7. what is your budget for animal food?
  8. would you let your pet interact with other animals and possibly mate?
  9. how often do you travel?
  10. what would you name your pet?

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Quiz topic: What kind of animal will I get along with best?