What Kind Of A SUPERSTAR! Are You????

Have you ever dreamed about being a SUPERSTAR?, of corse you have, but take this quiz and see what kind of a famous celebirty you could be while roaming the hills of La and dominating red carpets.

When you become an famous superstar, just wach out for Ashto Kutcher, who is very nutorius for preaking celebirti on his tv show punk'd, then I will laugh in your face saying that I warned you

Created by: Janis
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You're at the mall, which store do you choose to go first
  2. If you were a star what would you do to stay young and beautyful
  3. IF you were a superstar who would be your celebirty husband/wife?
  4. What would be your catch phrase?
  5. What would your work schedual be?
  6. Would you go on the Celebirty Fit Club?
  7. Would you sponsor youself on Myspace?
  8. What kind of tattoo would you get?
  9. What woul make girls/guys fall in love with you?
  10. What Movie is the one you SHOULD have stared in?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of A SUPERSTAR! am I????