what justin bieber song are you?

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do you love justin bieber's songs? well you can find out what song you are by taking my quiz! and ,if you like justin bieber songs then you should take my quiz becouse you can find out what song fits you!

do you love justin bieber than take my quiz becouse justin bieber songs have alot to do with love lifes and stuff like that ,and whaen you take this quiz than youll find out what love life you are in justins world

Created by: shaynah

  1. when do you get butterflies in your stomach???
  2. if you cout you best friend and lover kissing together what would you do?:(
  3. how would you describe your personality?
  4. king kong aint got nuinn on___
  5. who is your best friend to you
  6. on your dream vacation what would you wanna do?
  7. how well do you know your boyfriend/girlfrind???
  8. what is your favorite dance move by justin bieber?
  9. the one you wouldwant to spend the rest of your life with would have to be?________
  10. you want your life to be like?_______

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Quiz topic: What justin bieber song am I?