What Johnny Depp Character R U?

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A Johnny Depp character Quiz is a perfect quiz for everybody! You can have one out of four of the results when you finish this Quiz. I will quiz you to find out what Johnny Depp character you are!

Are you a Johnny Depp Fan? Have You seen any of his movies? Then take the quiz! And see what Character you are most like! There are four possible results! So Take this Quiz Now!

Created by: Johnny Depp #1 Fan
  1. What is your fave object?
  2. What Would U Rather B Doing?
  3. How Would U B Described?
  4. What is Your Dream Career?
  5. Do U Have Enemies?
  6. Where would U Rather Live?
  7. Who Would U Rather HAve As A Friend?
  8. What clothes do u prefer?
  9. What Make-up do you prefer?
  10. What hairstyle do you prefer?

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