What is your wolf name

do you have what it takes to find out your TRUE wolf name? then u may try but let me warn you i dont think you can handle is to know your true name. DO YOU?

Are You TRUE wolf then try it and see if you like it hope you do and if you can comment plz no mean ones ok? i worked hard on this it took over 2 hours.

Created by: kaley

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  1. you are wandering around a forest and you see prey..you
  2. your pack is hunting...you?
  3. you get lost.. you?
  4. your bored.. you?
  5. you are forced out of the pack by alpha... you?
  6. alpha was lost in the last fight...you
  7. you are covered in scars and you are very bloody from your last fight.. you?
  8. you see a random unfamiliar wolf..you?
  9. you dream of chasing rabbits..you?
  10. you smell ten deer ... you?

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Quiz topic: What is my wolf name